Project Health Hack Naija 1.0

Featured Innovations

MY BESTIE is an innovative mental health app that utilises AI technology to deliver personalised support and monitoring. By combining a smartwatch and a phone, users can effortlessly track their mood and cognitive state throughout the day. The app employs advanced AI algorithms to analyse the collected data, providing valuable insights and recommendations for improvement. Notably, MY BESTIE acts as a virtual best friend, allowing users to confide in the app and receive empathetic responses and guidance. The smartwatch ensures continuous monitoring of mood and cognitive state, offering real-time feedback on mental well-being. With its cutting-edge AI analysis, MY BESTIE can identify patterns and trends in users' mental health, ultimately offering tailored support and monitoring.

AnTech is an AI-driven platform that predicts and addresses high-functioning anxiety which is seen in individuals who function optimally in their daily lives while experiencing significant anxiety. AnTech leverages social integration, a chatbot interface, and a robust data-secured platform for analysis, giving control to the user to understand their anxiety. The platform uses predictive analysis to provide real time feedback and aid in areas of health tips; mindfulness, relaxation, exercises and coping strategies.

AnTech is an AI-based app that discreetly integrates with a user's social media platforms to analyze linguistic patterns in posts and comments, further engages users in conversation, detects subtle signs of anxiety, and offers personalized coping mechanisms.

AnTech produces data-driven insights and utilizes AI algorithms to learn and adapt to individual user behaviour for more accurate and effective support.

AnTech is highly personalized and places emphasis on user privacy while offering support tailored to individual needs.

Music Therapy for Depression is an innovative AI-based application tailored to assist individuals battling depression. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, this app expertly diagnoses depression levels through user-provided data. Upon classification, it offers a twofold therapeutic approach. Firstly, it suggests a curated selection of music, aligned with the user's preferred genre, specifically designed to aid in mental health recovery. This personalized music therapy is grounded in the understanding that musical preferences are deeply personal and can significantly impact emotional well-being. Secondly, for those requiring more intensive support, the app seamlessly connects users to professional therapists. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive and customized treatment plan, offering both immediate relief through music and long-term support through professional therapy. By integrating technology with the therapeutic power of music, Music Therapy for Depression stands as a beacon of hope, revolutionizing mental health care.

Unheard, a revolutionary mental health app, provides a secure and confidential space for individuals worldwide to address mental health concerns and access valuable resources. In a universally demanding world, Unheard prioritizes inclusivity and user-friendly design, transcending a mere support network by promoting self-care through features like guided meditations, mood tracking journals, and personalized reminders. Users are empowered to actively manage their mental well-being, and in times of crisis, the app offers immediate assistance through a helpline and access to professionals. Unheard's mission is to break the silence around mental health, fostering a global community of understanding, support, and resources. Leveraging technology, Unheard aspires to positively impact users worldwide, ensuring no one feels unheard on their journey to mental well-being.

The global concern of depression, affecting 4.4% of the population, is particularly prevalent in Nigeria with an estimated 3.1% prevalence, leading to an increase in youth suicide cases. The proposed solution involves creating a tele-therapy app connecting users with licensed mental health professionals. The app prioritizes privacy and integrates features like mood trackers, self-assessment quizzes, and crisis intervention resources. An AI, tailored to the Nigerian context, analyzes mental health issues, providing daily mood notifications, recommendations, and depression-tackling tasks. Key features include user profiles, educational content, virtual support, tele-therapy, point earning for monetization, self-assessment quizzes, emergency contacts, language preferences, community engagement, stress relief tools, and daily reminders. The timeline spans pre-development, development planning, development, beta testing, final development, launch, and ongoing post-launch activities, emphasizing community engagement. The app aims to effectively address depression in Nigeria by providing accessible tele-therapy services and innovative mental well-being tools.

Suicide is a pressing global issue impacting the health, economy, and social fabric of nations. The surge in social media usage presents both a challenge and an avenue for addressing suicide. Social media amplifies suicide rates through copycat phenomena and interactions that can trigger suicidal tendencies. The platform's anonymity and openness also facilitate the expression of intense emotions, including despair, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Leveraging the transformative capabilities of the transformers-Large Language Model (LLM) framework within Deep Learning and AI, LifeGuard AI introduces an innovative solution. This pioneering approach utilizes the power of LLMs as a suicidal ideation classifier, employing a conservative "zero-shot classification" technique. Through this, LifeGuard AI enables the identification and intervention of suicidal ideation in resource-constrained environments, offering a vital solution to the complex challenge of suicide prevention through social media.

Cerebral's groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize mental health care, with a primary focus on Alzheimer's disease. Afflicting millions globally, Alzheimer's poses significant challenges, often limited by traditional treatments. Cerebral adopts a comprehensive approach, integrating therapeutic games and teletherapy through a decentralized web application for added security of sensitive data.

The therapeutic games, based on scientific research, target cognitive exercises tailored for Alzheimer's patients and can be effective in the treatment of other cognitive illnesses. Teletherapy, featuring video calls with certified therapists, ensures personalized support, fostering a collaborative approach to mental health care.

Cerebral's platform, underpinned by Web5 technology, prioritizes data privacy and security, enhancing transparency in the mental health treatment landscape. Required resources include comprehensive datasets, tools such as Web5 technology, and AI algorithms for personalized game recommendations. The project timeline spans research, dataset acquisition, game development, teletherapy integration, and hospital appointment booking over the course of twelve months.

"My GPT Health Padi" is an innovative chatbot powered by a custom GPT model, designed to provide mental health support in Nigeria. Uniquely, it communicates effectively in Nigeria's three major languages – Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba – and Nigerian Pidgin, ensuring wide accessibility and cultural relevance. This multilingual capability is pivotal in breaking language barriers and making mental health support more inclusive. The chatbot offers emotional support, basic counseling advice, and guidance to professional resources, serving as a first-line support system. It integrates advanced AI technology to deliver empathetic and contextually appropriate interactions. The project emphasizes user privacy, ethical data use, and continuous learning to enhance its effectiveness. A user-friendly interface supports easy interaction across diverse linguistic groups. The implementation plan includes rigorous language optimization, community engagement, and iterative testing phases, ensuring the chatbot is attuned to the nuances of each language and the cultural context of Nigerian users. "My GPT Health Padi" aims to make mental health support more accessible, stigma-free, and responsive to the needs of Nigerians.

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